Friday, 21 March 2014

My taonga

I play rugby league. My team is Coastal Cobras. I play with a jersey the colours are blue, red and white. The jersey is from my Dad. On the jersey it has a Cobra. I have had the jersey for five years. I put it on all the time. I like it when it gets wet and dirty.


  1. I think it is a really cool taonga. I like that it belonged to you Dad and now it is your special treasure.

  2. I agree with Mrs Williamson, the fact that it has come down from your father makes it really special. Do you play in it or when you get it dirty is it just for fun?
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School.

  3. Jack Auroa New Zealand
    Hey chaytah I like that your top has been past down to you. Next time you might want to put up a photo of your top

  4. Hello Chaytah i liked you taonga it is really cool i like your jersey.
    logan Auroa school room1 Taranaki

  5. Hi Chaytah I like how you write about rugby I don't think any body at our school accept a few people in a differnet class.
    Harley Room1 Auroa School Taranaki