Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lighthouse by Chaytah

One cold dark night there was a big big cliff and a town below. In the town there were people who had a party. They were laughing and drinking. In the lighthouse there was an old man who was grumpy and angry. All day he would send letters to the town to “Sssssshhhh” but the town kept on having parties. The old grumpy angry mans window opened and the wind put out the candle. The lighthouse blew out to. The party stopped, everybody in the town stopped. The old man got his light and went up the steps to the second floor. There was nothing there. He went up more steps and got up to floor three. He looked in the light. It was not on. He had to fix it so he got the light but he slipped over his workbox. Then he dropped the light. He saw a big boat coming. It honked and honked. He was feeling sad, but he heard a knock, knock on the door. He ran down to the door and opened it. There was the town with lights. The old man let them in the lighthouse. The lighthouse looked like it was full of fireflies. The boat turned the other way.

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